Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring comes on Thursday and hopefully most of us will be able to open our ponds for spring!!  As folks are opening their ponds, we are getting several calls inquiring how do I find a leak?

The first step is to figure out, are you loosing water in the pond or once the water leaves your pond?  To determine this, turn off your pump, fill your pond and see if you still loose water.  If you do not, then you have determined that the water is leaking once it leaves the pond, either your tubing is cracked, leaking behind a waterfall, external filter is cracked--something along this nature. Inspect all areas once the water leaves your pond.  See if there is an area that is getting moist, inspect your tubing. external filter, move the tubing to close to the pond and gradually move the tubing up the waterfall till it starts to loose water.

If you still loose water with the pump turned off, then the leak is in your liner.  Allow your pond water to go down till it stops, then the leak is just above where the water level stops. You can patch your liner with patching tape.  It is liner material with sticky tape that easily adheres to your liner.

Here's some more information on finding and fixing leaks.

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