Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day !!!

St Patrick's Day and pond passion go hand in hand.
Everybody wants to be Irish on this day. Fortunately I am truly half Irish as my mother was a Murphy. This is my given middle name as well. My late grandfather (Grandpap Murphy) and his two brothers (Uncle Lewis and Uncle John) were the most Irish people have ever known. Grandpap never had a pond, (he grew potatoes and other vegetables), but both Uncles had a small "goldfish" ponds. These were the first ponds of these types that I experienced and I am sure helped lead me to this career.
Of course the perfect pond plant for the Irish in all of us is the "Water Four-leaf Clover".
This shallow water beauty is so easy to grow! Maybe too easy as it grows very "exuberantly". Keep it out of earth bottom ponds but grown in a small container and regularly "pinched back" it is wonderful.
It is winter hardy...but unfortunately it does'nt begin growing until well after St. Patrick's Day in the Mid-Atlantic Region.
Have fun being Irish, and give your pond the luck of the Irish all season!

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